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Alex Fraser

Programmer, Artist & Designer


Alex Fraser

Bachelor of Games & Interactive Environments -  SoftwareTech Major with Distincion 

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With a passion for programming and all things games, I believe I have the skillset and drive necessary to dive deep into the games industry. As a self-motivated team player with a passion, I can envision an exciting future in the industry that I hope to be a part of one day. 



What I've Learnt

I graduated Highschool in 2016 and found out that if I wanted to go to University, I would have to get a diploma first. I Opted to study a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games at TAFE Queensland, graduating a year later at the end of 2017. 

After receiving my Diploma, I enrolled in QUT's bachelor in Games and Interactive environments majoring in Software Technologies, finally graduating at the end of 2020 with a Distinction.

I'm pretty proud that I moved from an OP that couldn't get me in the front door of UNI to Graduating from QUT 4 years later with a distinction. 



Jack of All Trades

I consider myself a generalist. programming, art and design were all elements of my secondary and tertiary studies. I have grown to love learning new tools and techniques to expand my range of expertise in a vast range of creative solutions. Over the past four years, I have created, either individually or within a team, several computer games working in various areas such as design, art and programming.



What am I Currently Up To

I have found a fondness for VFX and technical artistry since it combines both programming and art, two of my favourite areas in game development. To help grow this passion, I've started a new project called Leir, Where I will be developing a small roguelike game while continuing to grow this Portfolio.