Starry Night

Alex Fraser

Bachelor of Games & Interactive Environments -  SoftwareTech Major with Distincion 

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Captain Starlight's Adventures


Game Summary
Backend and Ux Systems

Aimed at helping children in the captain starlight foundation improve their hand-eye coordination. The main game is a collection of small minigames that last from 0 - 7 secs. That explores a range of different buttons and inputs found on a ps4 controller. Keeping to the target audience of kids aged 4-6 engaged through the constant rotation of new challenges. 


My primary role on the project was to create the backend systems that the game ran on. You can see the tutorial system that I was in charge of designing and implementing on the left. I also implemented the User Menus with the design help of my team. The rationale behind myself conducted the backend work as I was the only software tech major on our team, allowing my teammates to work on the individual games, which are a far more design-oriented task suited to their game design major.


Captain starlights adventures is a party game collection of 2D minigames for PS4, Xbox and PC.